Jungle Gym (Coming Soon)

Modelled after natural jungle beauty, this indoor amusement play land for kids brings the vibe of nature with wonderful games. A truly a jungle adventure. Let your children engage in free play, have fun and learn at the same time.


Mollyfantasy is a world full of laughter, fun and excitement for families that provide a safe indoor entertainment centre originating from Japan.

Believe Fitness

This gym has all you need to get fit the way you want. It has a cardio area, free weights area, weight training machines, group fitness studio, playground and more! Whether you choose to work out on your own, with a partner, in a group fitness class, or with one of its world-class Personal Trainers, […]

Ayu Borneo (Coming Soon)

Ayu Borneo Family Wellness Centre specialises in its signature Urutan Malaysia (The Malaysian Signature Massage), authentic Thai Massage and a series of customised health and wellness treatments, all delivered with care and professionalism.